2016-2018 \\\ MA in Print \\\ Royal College of Art

2011-2013 /// HND Fine Art /// Kensington & Chelsea College

2011 \\\ The Alternative Art Foundation \\\ Slade School of Fine Art, UCL

2006-2009 /// BA (Hons) History of Art /// The University of York 

My practice concerns the corporeal - the body - and all the contrasting and conflicting aspects inherent; how bodies are sensual, beautiful, ugly, damaged, idealised, sexual, abject, gendered, delicate. Distorting and reconfiguring my own body, I work in the liminal state between abstract and figurative, in a mode that is simultaneously sensual and disturbingly uncanny. It is the visualisation of the transformation of the tactile sense. The sensation of skin.

As an experimental and interdisciplinary artist, I operate in a variety of mediums, primarily printmaking and sculpture. Manipulating scale and working with the print of the body is a way I imply the presence of the body albeit not always representing it overtly. Utilising materials possessing increasingly plastic and bodily ‘feel’ qualities to them, such as silicone and latex, I layer these against myself, fragmenting and reimagining myself as a reaction to culturally imbued shame and objectification. I want to empower and to challenge the notion of the abject, of the feeling of disgust, in particular of why this is a term that historically overwhelmingly applies to women’s bodies.

My prints consider the notion of skin that becomes ‘poreless’ as a response to society’s pressure on women’s bodies and the quest for perfection. Our bodies are being ‘stopped up’ to the point that they become plastic, as the lines blur between human and cyborg. My own skin likewise represents the translucent and fragile boundary upon which the conflict between accepting my own mortality and a deep-rooted squeamishness plays out. I am re-constructing my body through print; creating new, plasticised skins for myself, working with life casting as an extension of the expanded field of printmaking.

Elected member of Greenwich Printmakers, Chelsea Arts Club, keyholder at Thames-Side Print Studio and member of Printmakers Council